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  • ComParrot Puzzles are guaranteed to challenge all your readers.
  • The puzzles are suitable for all aged readers.
  • Takes minimal space and puzzle content follows the calendar year.
  • Affordable subscription rates.
  • A great opportunity for one of your advertisers to sponsor a regular feature in your publication!
  • Subscriptions payable by PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) or Business Cheque.

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5 ComParrot puzzles per week.
Ideal for daily newspapers/publications.

1 ComParrot puzzle per week.
Ideal for weekly newspapers/publications.

Purchase a set of 26 ComParrot puzzles.
You will be given a 26 puzzle collection to download.
The puzzles follow the calendar year and are ideal for papers that publish every 2 weeks or less frequently.

  • Choose the special "Seasonal Collection" which is a special assortment of all puzzle themes, and focuses on all the major annual holidays.
  • Puzzles may be downloaded as a compressed StuffIt (.sit) bundle of 26 puzzles, or may be downloaded individually as required.
  • Puzzles are available in Horizontal or Vertical formats.
  • Ask for details!
Newspaper Formats

All ComParrot Puzzles are available in two newspaper formats:

  • Horizontal Format
    Size: 5.37" x 2.41"
  • Vertical Format
    Size: 2.63" x 4.42"
  • Both the horizontal and vertical formats are available for use with all subscription packages.
Delivery Specs

Files are available for download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

  • ComParrot puzzle artwork may be downloaded from the Subscriber Login section of this web site.
  • Digital Files are supplied in TIFF (.tif) format at 600 dpi resolution or StuffIt (.sit) compressed TIFF format. Files may be decompressed using StuffIt Expander.
  • The actual downloaded art files have been produced at the recommended minimum size for newspaper reproduction.
  • Puzzles are available for download each Monday, one week in advance of the publication week.
  • Art file or technical support questions? We would be happy to help.
    Please eMail us
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These puzzles may be published in your publication royalty-free.


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